Our Wooden Bread

Stone Oven

At the base of our Fener Restaurant Bakery we use fire-resistant stone called “Şamot” in Ottoman times and now called “Bakery Stone” which is mostly made around Bayburt.

Dried oak and hornbeam wood burning firewood of incense resin, carbonated compounds add flavor to the taste of our bread. It is not tastiness but satiety.

It can be cut by using a knife and it does not crumble, it does not spill. The flavor and flavor of the broth prepared with the yeast yeast is different.

We can not stand the flavor and smell of our bread, which is carefully prepared in oak wood oven, from breakfast to dinner at the lantern restaurant.
Tomato bread, sour mayonnaise, olive bread, corn breads and role breads with full grain flour without additives to diversify you
we offer our valued customers with care.

Sofa bread can not be surplus. When the rest of the bread is left to rest, it is said that “the remaining breads are nets to the hoarse”. Our bakery master bakes our bread carefully prepared by you, you do not cry our breads to taste.