“Welcome to Fener where past meets future, green touches blue and waves mix the birds’ calls”
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Fener Restaurant

Yeşilköy Lighthouse [Ayestefenos], built in 1856 as a 23 meter stone tower, is celebrating its 162nd year.

Yeşilköy Lighthouse, the first lighthouse of the Marmara Sea at the entrance of the Istanbul Bosphorus, has been keeping mariners away from the land by light and sound for 162 years. Fener Restaurant invites you to its delicious dishes in the greenery with its unique view of Marmara Sea.

Fener Restaurant, which has been serving at the historic Yeşilköy Fener for approximately 25 years, is accompanied by this historical distinguished menus and delicacies.

“Where the green meets the blue, a legend of fish under the Historic Lighthouse.”